[Podcast] Focused Group Conferring

Early in the year, some students, used to an external locus of control (teachers prescribing writing), do not know how to find an idea worth writing about. Often, they have been indoctrinated to believe that the only ideas worth writing about come from external influences: teachers and assessments.

These writers need the focused group conferences the most...

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Living in Cages

...the young students returned to formula as if I were gravely mistaken and completely unaware of what writers do. In their experience, the formula is writing. As one little girl explained very sincerely, "This is what writers do." This strikes me as natural as teaching a kid that cages in zoos are indeed where gorillas live and want to live.

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The Sincerity of a Teacher

I couldn't believe she came. I don't even remember for certain what subject she taught, but I still remember the black corduroy jacket she wore inside of the chilly arena, and the visible soft clouds of breath when she spoke with the woman next to her. And I remember her sincerity.

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